Blogging For Dollars Or How To Make Money Online


When we often talk about making money from a website or blog, people automatically assume it’s an e-commerce site we are referring to – it can be – but it’s doesn’t have to. There are many ways to make money online which doesn’t include an e-comerce product- based website.

During this economy, building multiple passive income streams is a great way to secure added revenue yourself and your business for the future. You never know what’s around the corner and having different income streams gives you a hedge against unforeseen setbacks.

What are some of the ways you can make money online?

1. “How to” ebooks.
Ebooks are a great way to make a residual source of income off the topics that you know. They don’t have to be huge or cost a lot of money.

2. Sell advertising on your site or blog
Often bloggers and website owners think the advertising has to come from the large resellers like Amazon or Google, but they don’t. They can come from a vendor you work closely with, a local business who can benefit from a mutual relationship.

3 Write sponsored posts on your blog.
Companies like,,,,,,, and pay you to blog if your site meets their criteria.

4. Referral Networking.
A network of businesses that offer services or products related to your business. Offer and receive commissions every time you refer someone to them from your website and they refer someone to yours – where it culminates in a sale.

5. Cross sell on other websites.
If you have products you can cross sell them through websites such as EBay, Amazon or Etsy and drive more traffic to your own website product page.

6. Live Webinars.
You can host live webinars based on your expertise and sell these webinars.

7. Be a consultant
There is an area of expertise you hold that you can charge people who would like to learn what you know.

8. Run a members only section of your website
Members is access to ask you consulting questions, some one on one time, maybe access to your webinars for free, or a mega discount on your ebooks, or special discounts to your services.

Look around you. What are the kinds of thing your clients or customers are in need of that you aren’t providing right now. There’s hidden money in that information

To answer the question of how to make money online is a combination of what you feel capable of handling, what level of expertise is needed to make them work, and how motivated you are to make them happen. This list is just the tip of the iceberg when you begin to open your mind to the many ways you can make money online.

Your website and blog traffic obviously plays a huge part in the financial success of some of the items on this list – but not all. Find your niche, and sell, sell sell.

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What do you need a blog for?

  1. Sell Your Book
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